Unusual Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
BruceSurname Since Medieval Times: Now A Common Given Name. Folklore Tale Of 14Th Century Robert King Of Scotland: (The Bruce) Who Learned The Value Of Perseverance From Watching A Spider Spin A Web.Male
BrunBrown Or DarkMale
BruneOf The Dark HairFemale
BrunhildeDark, NobleFemale
BurbankLives On The Castle's HillMale
BurgeisLives In TownMale
BurghardStrong As A CastleMale
BurkettFrom The Little StrongholdMale
ByronFrom The CottageMale
CadabyrFrom The Warrior's SettlementMale
CadiVariant Of Cady Meaning A Rhythmic Flow Of Sounds.Female
CadwallonName Of A KingMale
CalibumusVarious Names For Arthur's SwordMale
Calix"Very Handsome, Chalise."Male
CamelotArthur's Castle (Twelfth Century)Female
CamilaFree-Born: Noble. Variant Of CamillaFemale
CamilleVariant Of The Flower Name Camelia.Female
CaradocSon Of BranMale
CarlinSmall ChampionMale
CarlisleFrom The Walled CityMale

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