Winter Baby Names, Page 12

Baby NameMeaningGender
MabelLovable MADONNAFemale
MackinleySon Of KinleyMale
MalachiMessenger Of GodMale
MarieVariant Of Latin Mary BitterFemale
MarleyFrom The March MeadowMale
MaryBitter. Variant Of Miriam. The Biblical Mother Of Christ. Names Like Dolores And Mercedes Have Been Created To Express Aspects Of Mary's Life And Worship.Female
MatoskahWhite Bear (Sioux)Male
MatsukoPine Tree ChildFemale
MayOld Arabic Name; Meaning UnknownFemale
MelindaBlend Of Melissa And Linda.Female
MerrittLittle Famous OneMale
MichaelGift From GodMale
MinekoBeautiful White Peak Of The Mountain.Female
MisaeOsage Name Meaning "White Sun."Female
MomusoMiwok Name.Meaning UnknownMale
MorganFighter Of The SeaMale
MoselleFrom The WaterFemale
MuracoWhite MoonMale
NancyVariant Of Anne Favor: Grace.Female
NataliaBirthday: Especially The Birthday Of Christ.Female

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