Winter Baby Names, Page 9

Baby NameMeaningGender
GwendolinOf The White BrowFemale
Gwendolyn"White, Pure"Female
GwenevieveWhite WaveFemale
GwennOf The White BrowFemale
GwenyverWhite LadyFemale
GwyndolinOf The White BrowFemale
GwynnOf The White BrowFemale
HadleyFrom The Heath-Covered MeadowMale
HaimatiMyth Name (Snow Queen)Female
HarlowFrom The Hare's HillMale
HazelThe Hazel Tree:Nut.Female
HollieThe Holly Tree. Common Name Given Christmas Girl Babies.Female
HollisLives By The Holly TreesMale
HolmesFrom The River IslandMale
HotahSioux Name Meaning " White." HOTOTOMale
HwitbyFrom The White FarmsteadMale
HwitcombFrom The White HollowMale
HwitcumbFrom The White HollowMale
HwitfordFrom The White FordMale
HwithloewFrom The White HillMale
HwitlocFrom The White FortressMale
ImaniFaith (One Of The Seven Principles Of Kwanzaa)Female

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