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CamOrange Fruit; Sweet; Mountain SunsetFemaleVietnamese
CarmeloFruitful Orchard. Refers To Mount Carmel In Palestine.MaleHebrew
CarmenSong. Variant Of Carmel - Fruitful Orchard As Mount Carmel In Palestine.FemaleSpanish
CherriThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.FemaleEnglish
CherrieThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.FemaleEnglish
CherryThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.FemaleEnglish
EfraimDoubly Fruitful. Form Of Hebrew EphraimMaleHebrew
EfrainDoubly Fruitful. Form Of Hebrew EphraimMaleSpanish
EfranDoubly Fruitful. Form Of Hebrew EphraimMaleHebrew

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