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AbarraneFeminine Form Of Abraham, From Hebrew."Father Of Many."FemaleBasque
Abelia"Breath, Sigh." From Hebrew Feminine Form Of Abel. Variants Include Abelle And Abella.FemaleFrench
Abida"She Who Worships"; Also A Hebrew Name Meaning "My Father Knows."FemaleArabic
Abra"Example; Lesson."Also A Hebrew Name Meaning "Parent Of Many."Variants Include Abame, Abarrane, And Abrahana.FemaleArabic
Adalia"Noble One."Also A Hebrew Name Meaning "God Is My Refuge."Some Variants Include Adal, Adalee, Adalie, Adalley, And Addala.FemaleGerman
Adara"Virgin."Also An Greek Name Meaning "Beauty," And A Hebrew Name Meaning "Fire." Variants, Adar And Adra, Exist.FemaleArabic
AfraimaArabic And Hebrew Name Meaning "Fertile."FemaleHebrew
AilsieHebrew Form Of Scottish Ailsa Which Is Either The Diminutive Of Elizabeth (Pledge From God) Or Named For The Island, Ailsa Craig.FemaleHebrew
AnnetteVariant Of Anne Meaning Little Ann. Variant Of Hebrew Hannah Meaning Favor. Grace.FemaleFrench
AnniVariant Of Hebrew Hannah Meaning Favor. Grace.FemaleGerman

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