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AmalBird; Hopes; AspirationsFemaleArabic
Charise"Charming, Hopeful"FemaleEnglish
ChipahuaUnisexual Name Meaning "Clean."MaleNahuatl
ChuchipDeer Spirit (Hopi)MaleNative American
DaijonGods Gift Of Hope.MaleAmerican
EfthemiaI Think Hope.FemaleGreek
Eriean Hope"A New Spin On The Month Of Aries. She Is An Aries Baby But The Name Seemed Odd To Give A Child, So They Came Up With Eriean."FemaleEnglish
HipolitFreer Of HorsesMaleGreek
HippocampusMyth Name (A Horse Of Poseidon)MaleGreek

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