Anton: Meaning of baby name Anton

Pronunciation: [An-ton]

Gender of Anton: Male

Meaning of Anton: German Form Of Anthony (Beyond Praise)

Origin of Anton: German

Variant Forms:


Famous People Named Anton:

Eric Cantona is a French actor and one of the most vibrant football players of the French national team.

Buju Banton is a famous Jamaican musician.

Antonis Samaras is a Greek politician who served as Prime Minister of Greece from 2012 to 2015.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was known for his compositions.

Antonio Banderas is a well-known Spanish actor.

Antonin Scalia currently serves as the Associate Justice of United States.

Antonín Dvořák was one of the greatest romantic composers who still lives in the hearts of music lovers through his memorable symphonies.

Antonin Artaud was one of the most influential playwrights of the 20th century.

Anton Webern was an Austrian music composer and conductor who carved a niche for himself in music.

Anton Haus was an Austrian naval officer.

Anton Hansen Tammsaare was an Estonian writer who is best known for his pentalogy ‘Truth and Justice’.

Anton Chekhov was a celebrated modern short story writer of Russia.

Anton Bruckner was an Austrian composer known for his symphonies, masses, and motets.

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