Chevalier: Meaning of baby name Chevalier

Pronunciation: [Che-va-lier]

Gender of Chevalier: Male

Meaning of Chevalier: Horseman: Knight.

Origin of Chevalier: French

Variant Forms:

AliThe Highest; The Greatest; NobleMaleArabic
AllieGreatest. A Variant Of Allah - The Supreme Being In The Muslim Faith.FemaleArabic
ChevyHorseman: Knight. An Abbreviation Of Chevalier. Actor-Comedian Chevy Chase.MaleFrench
ElliDevoted To GodFemaleHebrew
EllieAbbreviation Of Eleanor And Ellen.FemaleEnglish

Famous People Named Chevalier:

Maurice Chevalier was a French actor and singer best known for the song ‘Thank Heaven for Little Girls’.

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