8 Pretty Middle Names For Beautiful Girls

You may have picked out the first name of your little daughter, but still not decide on a middle name. Middle names are also very important, and Grace, Marie, Rose are all popular pretty middle names. Of course you could select other middle names. Check out the below list for more options.

Elizabeth: Consecrated to God or my God is bountiful.

Emma: Greek for Torch or Bright Light.
Grace: Grace is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Grace is "favor; blessing".
Lynn: A diminutive of Linda, which means pretty in Spanish.
Marie: Bitter.
Paige: A very young child.
Rae: Rae is a feminine form of Ray, which means "wise protection".
Rose: Rose is a very traditional name, it has many variations, for instance Rosa, Rosalie and Rosemary.

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