10 Snow Baby Names For Babies Born In Winter

Many babies are born during the massive blizzard and even cold weather, and these snow babies deserve snowy names. If you like snow days in winter, you could consider one of these perfect snow-themed names for your baby boys or girls.

Eira: Welsh word for snow. There is a famous Welsh harpist named Eira Lynn Jones.

Frost: The icy word name Frost is much more familiar as a surname or middle name.
January: Month name as baby name, now it is firmly attached now to Mad Men actress January Jones.
Juno: The name of the patron goddess of Rome and protector of women, first came to popular notice via the eponymous 2007 movie starring Ellen Page.
Neve: Latin word for snow, came into view via actress Neve Campbell.
North: The most stylish of the directional baby names, Kim and Kanye chose it for their baby daughter.
Snow: Snow is most closely associated with Snow White, giving it a magical, fairy tale feel.
Storm: There were dozens of babies named Storm of both genders.
Winter: A popular celebrity baby name, it is sounding brighter than Summer or Autumn and fresher than Spring.
Yuki: Japanese unisex name that means snow. Variation Yukio, which means "snow boy."

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