46 Cheerful Baby Boy Names For Spring

Spring is coming and it brings warmer weather, blooming flowers and fresh air. If you have a son due in Spring, you may consider choosing a spring-inspired name for him.

There are lots of boy names inspired by Spring. Most of the flower-inspired names are for girls, but you could consider those boy names inspired by tree and nature, for instance Chloe, Rain and Willow. Do not forget the season and month names, Spring and March are perfect for your little boys. Check out the below list for more fresh springtime baby boy names.

Aries: Ram. Name of the astrological sign for those born from March 21 to April 19.

Atherton: Town by the spring. Also the town of Atherton in Northern California.
Attwell: Lives by the spring.
Aviv: Hebrew for springtime. The first month of the Hebrew calendar which corresponds with March and April.
Barley: Grower or seller of barley.
Birdy: Bright, famous. Also a variant of Bertha.
Blaze: Latin for stutter. Also Anglicized form of Blaise
Bradwell: From the broad spring.
Branch: Paw; extension. A place name refers to a branch in a river or a path.
Breeze: A wind or current of air, especially a light or moderate one.
Brooke: Water, small stream; western stream. Also a variant of Brooks and Westbrook.
Bud: Brother. Also refer to a sprouting plant or a young boy.
Buzz: Village in the woods.
Cedar: Coniferous trees of the genus Cedrus, having wide, spreading branches.
Dennis: Follower of Dionysius, who is the Greek god of wine and responsible for the growth of the vines in spring.
Denver: Green valley. Also the capital city of Colorado.
Eagle: Bird name.
Falcon: Bird name.
Hartwell: Well of the stags.
Hawk: Falcon, bird of prey.
Hawthorne: Where hawthorn trees grow.
Heath: Untended land where certain flowering shrubs grow.
Jack: God is gracious.
Jarek: Slavic for Spring.
Javier: Spanish for Bright. Also a variant of Xavier.

Kelby: Norse for "farm near the spring".
Kingswell: King's well.
Kirkwell: Church spring.
Lon: Ready for battle.
March: In the Northern Hemisphere, the meteorological beginning of spring occurs on the first day of March.
Marcus: Dedicated to Mars.
Maxwell: Mack's stream.
Navin: New, novel.
Nectarios: Of nectar. In Greek mythology, nectar was the drink of the gods, and gave its drinkers immortality.
Phoenix: Dark red. The mythical Arabian bird known as the phoenix is a symbol of immortality.
Rain: Rain during springtime is as precious as oil.
River: A place and nature name.
Saffron: A bright orange-yellow spice used in Mediterranean cuisine.
Sonny: Son.
Springer: One who lives near a spring or fountain.
Talon: The large claw of a bird of prey such as a hawk or an eagle.
Taurus: Bull.
Thorn: Thorn bush.
Weldon: Well-hill.
Wells: A famous cathedral town in the west of England.
Woody: Row of houses by a wood.

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