10 Unusual Baby Names Based On Mythology

Mythology is a great source for baby names, and each name from mythology tells a beautiful story. If you want some unique and unusual baby names based on mythology, here comes our options. These cool mythology names are enduring and beautiful, and they are so special for their unusual meanings.

Althea: This name is found both in Greek mythology and pastoral poetry.

Amatheon: A legendary figure started out as an agricultural deity.
Anagha: Goddess Lakshmi.
Aphrodite: The Greek Goddess of love.
Ariadne: A name found in Greek mythology which means "most holy."
Cassandra: The daughter of king Priam of Troy who could predict the future.
Chitrangada: wife of Pandav prince Arjuna.
Hamsini: Goddess Saraswati.
Penelope: Greek name belonged to the wife of The Trojan hero Ulysses, known for his quest of knowledge.
Rhiannon: Daughter of Heiffaidd Hen, Lord of the Underworld.

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