20 Boy Names That Mean Brave and Bold

Boys should be brave, and they have to fight like a soldier. If you are looking for a baby boy name that means brave, strong, bold, courageous, you could check out this list of 20 brave boy names here.

These boy names are originated from German, French, Old English, Spanish, Native American and more, all of them have great meanings and you could pick any of them for your fearless and brave little boy.

Achilles: A mythology name of the hero of the Trojan War.

Alexander: A man of high physical courage, impulsive energy, and fervid imagination.

Allan: Brave and spirited.

Andy: Variant of English andrew, means manly brave.

Baldwin: Bold, brave friend.

Barack: A valiant warrior of Biblical.

Bernard: Brave as a bear.

Dustin: Brave warrior.

Emery: Brave power.

Evan: Reliable young brave warrior.

Farley: Brave man.

Fergus: Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Fearghas, means "brave man". 

Frick: Brave man.

Garcia: Spanish origin, means brave in battle.

Gerard: Spear brave.

Gunner: Brave soldier.

Leon: The lion is a central figure in various cultures, usually meaning kingliness, grandeur, and courage.

Mato: Native American name that means brave.

Ricky: Powerful and brave.

Wyat: Brave and strong.

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