25 Sweet Baby Names With Repeating Sounds

Many parents like short and unique baby names. But the most short baby names are overused and too popular, and it's not easy to find some unique and short boy names and girl names. Baby names with repeating sounds are usually used as nicknames, but you can also use them as first names. Those adorable double-repeating baby names like Coco and Lulu are becoming more and more trendy. Check out the below list for 25 sweet baby names with repeating sounds, and they make good first names or nicknames for your baby boys or girls.

Bebe: Diminutive of Belinda, Beatrice, or Beverly.

Cece: Short for Cecelia.
Coco: The nickname of the legendary French designer Chanel and has lately become a starbaby favorite.
Dede: Welsh name means "swarthy."
Dodo: Variation of Dorothy, which means "gift of God."
Fifi: Diminutive of Josephine, which means "Jehovah increases."
Gigi: Greek name means "Earth worker; God is Gracious."
Jojo: African name means "Monday born."
Kiki: New beginning, new life. Also a nickname for Kristina.
Koko: Native American Black Foot baby name means "night."
Lala: Famous, cheerful.
Laulau: A Native Hawaiian cuisine dish.
Leelee: Short form of Liliane, which means "lily."
Lili: The flower lily, a symbol of innocence.
Lolo: Greek name means "lotus flower."
Loulou: Latin name means "light."
Lulu: African name means "pearl."

Mimi: Pet form of Miryam, a Hebrew name means "sea of bitterness." Mariah Carey goes by Mimi.
Nana: Grace. Also a Hawaiian name means "the name of a spring month."
Nini: West African name means "stone."
Pippi: Norse variation of Philippa, which means "lover of horses."
Roro: Indonesian name means "Nobility."
Vivi: Latin name means "alive."
Zsazsa: Hungarian form of Susan.
Zuzu: Means "sweet" in Yiddish and "lily" in Czech.

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