18 Unique Celtic Baby Names That Are Unusual

Many parents adore Celtic baby names, and they can find several unique names that are not so popular. These lovely, lyrical baby names are originated from Cornwall, Brittany, and the Isle of Man. If you also like Celtic culture, we believe you will be satisfied with these baby names of Cornish, Breton, or Manx origin.

Briac: Celtic boy name means "estime." Also an old Breton Saint's name.

Cador: Arthurian Legend name means "Nephew of Arthur."
Calybrid: Female devotee of St.Brigid.
Delen: Cornish name means "petal."
Elowen: A lovely nature name from Cornwell that means "elm tree." The name Elowen has a pleasant, evocative sound.
Emblyn: This medieval form of Emmeline remained in use in Cornwall for centuries, though it's rare in modern usage.
Endellion: Cornish name means "fire soul."
Enora: Breton name means "honor, light."
Finlo: Manx name means "white, fair, bright." Also the name of a Celtic God.
Jory: a Cornish form of George, which means "farmer."
Katell: Breton variation of Katherine which means "pure."
Kerensa: This feminine and pretty girl name is Cornish word for "love."
Locryn: The Cornish form of Locrinus, a legendary king of Britain.
Lowen: Cornish name means "happy."
Mael: Breton name means "princess."
Talek: The bardic name means "big-browed."
Veryan: The name of a Cornish town.
Zennor: The name of a Cornish village, from the local name for Saint Senara.

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