45 Creative Color-Inspired Names for Your Babies

The world of your newborn baby is colorful and beautiful, just like the rainbow in the sky. Besides, natural-inspired baby names are very popular today. So why not choosing a color-inspired name for your beloved sweetheart?

You will surely get a perfect baby name from all the hues of the rainbow, it is purely natural and creative. For example, Azure, Coral, Ebony, Goldie, and Olive are all perfect baby names. Check out the below list of color-inspired baby names and get your own ideas.

Aqua: Water.

Auburn: Persisting.
Azure: Sky blue.
Blue: Blue.
Cherry: Cherry.
Cinnamon: A spice.
Clementine: Merciful, mild, gentle.
Coral: Coral.
Crystal: Crystal.
Ebony: Ebony wood.
Garnet: Grain.
Goldie: Having the color of gold.
Green: The color green.
Grey: Gray-haired.
Hazel: Hazel Tree - Light brown.
Hunter: Hunter.
Indigo: Blue-purple color.
Ivory: Ivory.
Jade: Precious green stone.
Jet: Black gemstone.
Jett: Black gemstone.
Kelly: War.
Lilac: Lilac flower.
Magenta: A vivid purplish red color.
Mauve: Purpish color.

Olive: Olive.
Pink: Pink.
Raven: Raven.
Red: Red.
Redd: Red.
Rose: Rose.
Ruby: Red.
Rusty: Rusty, full of rust.
Sable: Sable, black.
Saffron: From the spice or the color, yellow.
Scarlet: Scarlet.
Sienna: Reddish orange-brown.
Silver: Silver, the metal or color.
Slate: .
Sterling: Little star - stellar.
Tan: New, Chastity.
Tanner: Tanner.
Tawny: Tawny, tanned.
Teal: The Bird Teal: Also The Blue-Green Color.
Violet: Violet.

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