Arabic Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
OlufemiBeloved Of The GodsFemale
OmariHigh BornMale
OniWest African Name Meaning "Desired." Also A Yoruba Of Nigeria Name Meaning "Born In A Sacred Location."Female
OsaharGod Hears MeMale
OsazeLoved By GodMale
OsirisMyth Name (God Of The Dead)Male
OttahBorn ThirdMale
PiliSwahili Name Meaning "Second Born."Male
PtahMyth Name (God Worshiped In Memphis)Male
QuaashieBorn On SundayMale
RabiahGarden; SpringtimeFemale
MasikaBorn During RainFemale
RamlaSwahili Name Meaning "Fortune Teller" Or "Prophet."Female
RashidaSwahili Name Meaning "Righteous."Female
RashidiSwahili Name Meaning "Good Council."Male
ReMidday SunMale
RehemaSwahili Name Meaning "Compassion."Female
SaaMyth Name (A Nature God)Male
SagiraLittle OneFemale
SalamaSwahili And Muslim Name Meaning "Peace, Safety."Female

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