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AbdimelechName Of An Aethiopian Eunuch Who Lived In Ancient Rome.Name Means "Servant To Kings." Could Be Shortened To ABDI Or MELECH.MaleAfrican
AgbenyagaEwe Of Ghana Name Meaning "Life Is Precious."(Could Be Shortened To NYAGA.)FemaleAfrican
AkpenamawuEwe Of Ghana Name Meaning "Thanks To God."The Ghanaian Short Form Of This Name Is AKPENA.FemaleAfrican
AlitashAmharic Of Ethiopia Female Name Meaning "May I Not Lose You, May I Find You Always My Precious."May Be Shortened To Tash.FemaleAfrican
AmanishakheteThe Name Of One Of The Candaces, Or Queen Mothers, Of The Nubian Kingdom Of Kush (Now Northern Sudan).This Name Could Be Shortened To AMANI, Itself A Kiswahili Word Meaning "Peace."FemaleAfrican
Arija"Alternative Spellings: Aria, Arie. Short Form Of Ariel, Ariel Means Lioness Of God."FemaleHebrew
ChavatangakwunuaHopi Name Meaning " Short Rainbow."MaleNative American
DreenaShort Form Of Alexandrina.FemaleSpanish
GairShort; Small OneMaleGaelic

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