Celebrity Baby Names on August 19

Naming your newborn babies after one of the celebrities of the same birthday is an interesting thing. Here we listed most of the famous people who were born on August 19. You could choose your favorite celebrity name from the below list, the name could be given name, middle last, surname or even nickname. If you would like to celebrate another important day, for example another important day of your family, you could change the date at the bottom of this page.

Emmi Butler, Web Video Star, Born in 2007

Harvey Bautista, TV Actor, Born in 2003

Brighton Sharbino, TV Actress, Born in 2002

Ethan Cutkosky, TV Actor, Born in 1999

Katja Glieson, Pop Singer, Born in 1996

Dominic DeAngelis, Web Video Star, Born in 1993

Stephen Parker, Web Video Star, Born in 1990

Romeo Miller, Rapper, Born in 1989

Natasha Slayton, Pop Singer, Born in 1988

Hoodie Allen, Rapper, Born in 1988

Veronica Roth, Young Adult Author, Born in 1988

Travis Tedford, Movie Actor, Born in 1988

Kirk Cousins, Football Player, Born in 1988

Christina Perri, Rock Singer, Born in 1986

Tom Sykes, Motorcycle Racer, Born in 1985

Simon Bird, TV Actor, Born in 1984

Tammin Sursok, TV Actress, Born in 1983

Reeva Steenkamp, Model, Born in 1983

Erika Christensen, Movie Actress, Born in 1982

JJ Hardy, Baseball Player, Born in 1982

Melissa Fumero, Soap Opera Actress, Born in 1982

Michelle Borth, TV Actress, Born in 1978

Callum Blue, TV Actor, Born in 1977

Tracie Thoms, TV Actress, Born in 1975

My Linh, Pop Singer, Born in 1975

Alex Fox, Guitarist, Born in 1974

Fat Joe, Rapper, Born in 1970

Nate Dogg, Rapper, Born in 1969

Matthew Perry, TV Actor, Born in 1969

Paula Jai Parker, Movie Actress, Born in 1969

Karan, Movie Actor, Born in 1969

Clay Walker, Country Singer, Born in 1969

Lee Ann Womack, Country Singer, Born in 1966

Lilian Garcia, Wrestler, Born in 1966

Kevin Dillon, TV Actor, Born in 1965

Kyra Sedgwick, TV Actress, Born in 1965

John Stamos, TV Actor, Born in 1963

Joey Tempest, Rock Singer, Born in 1963

Peter Gallagher, TV Actor, Born in 1955

Jonathan Frakes, TV Actor, Born in 1952

John Deacon, Bassist, Born in 1951

Jim Carter, Movie Actor, Born in 1948

Bill Clinton, US President, Born in 1946

Ian Gillan, Rock Singer, Born in 1945

Ginger Baker, Drummer, Born in 1939

Philo Farnsworth, Scientist, Born in 1906

Coco Chanel, Fashion Designer, Born in 1883

Orville Wright, Inventor, Born in 1871

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