Beautiful Girl Names, Page 8

Baby NameMeaningGender
JulienneFeminine Form Of Julian (Youthful)Female
JulietYouthful: Variant Of Julia. Jove's Child. Star Crossed Lover In The Shakespearian Tragedy Romeo And Juliet.Female
JulietteYouthful Variant Of Julia. Jove's Child.Female
KalilaDearly LovedFemale
KalliopeBeautiful VoiceFemale
KarinaForm Of Karen; Pure KIRA, KIROCHKAFemale
KateEnglish Abbreviation Of Katherine. Pure.Female
KatharinaGerman Form Of KatherineFemale
KatherinePure. Used Since Third Century A.D. Early Latin Forms Katerina And Caterina Became Katharine And Catherine. French Cateline And English Catlyn Came Into Wider Use During Medieval Period When Variants Multiplied.Female
KayaAdds A Place Of RestingFemale
KaylahVariant Of Kay. Keeper Of The Keys: Pure. Also Kayla Is A Character On Daytime TV Days Of Our Lives.Male
KhloeVariant Of ChloeFemale
LavernaBorn In The SpringFemale
LaviniaWoman Of RomeFemale
LaylaSwahili And Muslim Name Meaning "Born At Night."Female
LeandraLike A Lioness.Female
LeannaDerived From An Irish Gaelic Of Helen: (Light:Beautiful Woman): Variant Of Liana: (Youthful:Bond).Female
LedaMyth Name (Mother Of Helen)Female
LilaFeminine Of Lyle From The Island. Variant Of Delilah.Female
LillianVariant Of Lillian Derived From The Flower Name Lily. Symbol Of Innocence: Purity: Beauty.Female

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