Brilliant Baby Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
GretelPearl. Abbreviation Of Margaret.Female
HagleyFrom The Hedged EnclosureMale
HakeemWisdom; One Of God's Ninety-Nine QualitiesMale
HalbartBrilliant HeroMale
HalbertBrilliant HeroMale
HalburtBrilliant HeroMale
HalebeorhtBrilliant HeroMale
HallieFrom The Hall.Female
HanleyFrom The High MeadowMale
HarbinGlorious WarriorMale
HazelThe Hazel Tree:Nut.Female
HeliosMyth Name (God Of The Sun)Male
HerbertIllustrious Warrior.Male
HeribertoSpanish Form Of Herbert Shining WarriorMale
HewettLittle HughMale
HobardHigh Or BrightMale
HobartHigh Or BrightMale
HobbardHigh Or BrightMale
HohberhtHigh Or BrightMale
HrothbeorhtaBright, FamousFemale
HrothbertaBright Or FamousFemale
HrothbertinaBright Or FamousFemale
HrothnertaBright Or FamousFemale

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