Chilean Baby Names, The Most Popular Names In Chile

Chilean Baby NamesChileans are people identified with Chile, one of the most popular nations in South Americ overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Chileans are mainly an admixture of Spaniards with indigenous peoples. Since colonial times, the Chilean culture has been a mix of Spanish colonial elements with indigenous culture. The Huasos of Central Chile and their folk music and dance are central to Chilean folk culture. If you are looking for some baby names for your boys or girls of Chile heritage, check out our collection of Chilean baby names.

Baby NameMeaningGender
AaronHigh MountainMale
Abigail"Father Rejoices."Some Variants Include Abagail, Abaigeal, Abbey, Abbie, And Abby. Diminutive, Gail, Also Exists.Female
AdolfoNoble Wolf.Male
AdrianaDark; From AdriaFemale
Agatha"Good." Variants Include Ag, Agace, Agacia, Agafia, Agafon, Agapet, Agapit, Agata, Agate, Agathe, Agathi, Agatta, Aggi, Aggie, Aggy, Aggye, Agi, Agie, Agota, Agotha, Agueda, Agy, Agye.Female
AgustinMajestic Dignity: Grandeur.Male
AileenLight. Variant Of Evelyn.Female
AlanFair: Handsome. See Also Allen.Male
AlbertoNoble: Bright.Male
AlejandraDefender Of Mankind. Feminine Of Alexander.Female
AlejandroDefends Mankind. Spanish Form Of Alexander.Male
AlexAbbreviation Of Alexander. Defender Of Man.Male
AlexanderDefender Of ManMale
AlexandraDefender Of Mankind. Feminine Of Alexander.Female
AlexisHelper: Defender. Variation Of Alexander.Female
AlisonDiminutive Form Of Old German Alice, "Woman Of Noble Estate."Variants Include Aili, Alisann, Alisanne, Alisoun, Alisun, Allcen, Allcenne, Allicen, Allicenne, Allie, Allisann, Allisanne, Allison, Allisoun, Allsun, Ally, Allysann, Allysanne, AllyFemale
AllysonVariation Of Alice.Female
AlondraVariant Of Alexandra Defender Of Mankind.Female
AlonsoEager For Battle: Form Of Alphonse: See Alfonso.Male
AlvaroTruth-Speaker Or Guardian.Male

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