Christmas Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
MarleyFrom The March MeadowMale
MaryBitter. Variant Of Miriam. The Biblical Mother Of Christ. Names Like Dolores And Mercedes Have Been Created To Express Aspects Of Mary's Life And Worship.Female
MatthewGift Of Jehovah. In The Bible Mathew Was One Of The 12 Apostles. He Wrote The First Gospel Account Of The Life Of Jesus.Male
MelchoirMeaning UnknownMale
MicahWho Is Like Jah? Biblical Prophet And Writer Of The Book Of Micah.Female
MichaelGift From GodMale
MosesSaved From The WaterMale
MyrnaMyrrh: Sweet Oil.Male
NatalBorn At ChristmasMale
NatalaBorn At ChristmasFemale
NataleighBorn At Christmas.Female
NataliaBirthday: Especially The Birthday Of Christ.Female
NatalieBorn At ChristmasFemale
NataliiBorn At ChristmasFemale
NatalioBorn At ChristmasMale
NatalyaBorn At Christmas.Variants Include Diminutives Natasha, Natascha, Nitca, Natasia, Natalia, Natyashenka, And Tasha. NESHA, NESSA, NESYAFemale
NatashaBorn On Christmas NEDAFemale

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