Curly-haired Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
CrispinCurly-Haired. The 3Rd Century Martyr St. Crispin Is Known As Patron Of Shoemakers.Male
CrispinaA Female Name Meaning "Curly Haired."Female
DadaYoruba Of Nigeria Name For Children With Curly Hair.Female
DavidDearly LovedMale
DerryOak Grove. Surname.Male
DinoraJudged And Vindicated. In The Bible Dinah Was Jacob's Only Daughter.Female
DolanDark: Bold. Surname.Male
DorianDescendant Of Dorus. Dorian Was A Character In Oscar Wilde's Novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray Who Was Given His Wish That His Portrait Would Age While He Remained Young And Handsome.Male
DowBlack HairedMale
DubgBlack HairedMale
ElizabethSister Of MarkFemale
ElliottVariant Of Elijah My God Is Jehovah.Male
EloiseVariant Of Louise Famous In WarFemale
Emily"Industrious, Eager"Female
FinolaFair ShouldersFemale
FlannaRed HairedFemale
FraserStrawberry Flowers: Of The Forest Men. A Major Scottish Clan.Male
FrisaCurly - HairedMale
GabrielGod Is My StrengthMale
GastonFrom GasconyMale
GrizelScottish Form Of Grizelda Gray HairedFemale
GrizelaScottish Form Of Grizelda Gray HairedFemale

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