Delaware Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
CherokeePeople Of A Different Speech. One Of The Largest American Indian Tribes.Male
CherryThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.Female
ChristianaFlower Of Christ.Female
ChristineFollower Of Christ.Female
ClaytonMortal: Place-Name And Surname Derived From Clay.Male
CliffordLives By The Ford Near The CliffMale
CliftonFrom The Farm Near The CliffMale
CollinsAbbreviation Of Nicholas People's Victory.Male
CooperMakes BarrelsMale
CoriVariant Of Cory Meaning Variously - From The Round Hill: Seething Pool: RavineFemale
CranstonFrom The Crane EstateMale
CristineFollower Of Christ.Female
DelSurname Prefix Meaning Of The. Also Used As An Independent Name And An Abbreviation Of Names Beginning With Del-.Male
DelaneyFrom The River SlaneyMale
DelmarOf The SeaFemale
DevonThe Name Of A Beautiful Farming County In England.Female
DeweyPlace-Name And Surname: Welsh Form Of David.Male
DexterName Taken From HeraldryMale
DiamondOf High Value: Brilliant. The Precious Diamond Stone.Female
DougFrom The Dark River. The Scottish Douglas Clan Had Two Historical Branches: (Black Douglases And Red Douglases.) The Lords Of These Clans Figure In Sir Walter Scott's Novels.Male
DouglasDwells By The Dark StreamMale
DrummondAt The RidgeMale
DutchA GermanMale
ElisabethConsecrated To GodFemale

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