Earth Baby Names, Page 9

Baby NameMeaningGender
CeresMyth Name (Another Name For Demeter)Female
ChadwickFrom The Warrior's TownMale
ChappellFrom The ChapelMale
CharityBenevolent Goodwill And Love.Female
CharltonFrom Charles's FarmMale
ChelseaSeaport. Place Name: A London District.Female
CherryThe Fruit-Bearing Cherry Tree.Female
ChesterLives At The Camp Of The Soldiers.Male
ChetwinFrom The Cottage On The Winding PathMale
CheyenneAn Algonquian Tribe Of The Great Plains. Capital City Of Wyoming.Female
ChickA Man: Variant Of Carl.Male
ChiltonFrom The Farm By The SpringMale
ChinaPlace Name.Female
ChurchillLives At The Church HillMale
ClayborneFrom The Clay BrookMale
ClaytonMortal: Place-Name And Surname Derived From Clay.Male
ClevaDwells At The CliffsFemale
ClevelandFrom The Cliff LandMale
CliftonFrom The Farm Near The CliffMale

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