English Baby Names, Page 5

Baby NameMeaningGender
DickStrong LeaderMale
DinahAvenged Or Judged And Vindicated. In The Bible Dinah Was Jacob's Only Daughter.Female
DonaldGreat Chief. Donald Is A Major Scottish Clan Names.Male
DorothyA VisionFemale
DouglasDwells By The Dark StreamMale
DuncanDark Skinned FighterMale
DylanMan From The SeaMale
EbenezerRock Of HelpMale
Eda"Wealthy."Variant, Edina, Exists.Female
EdgarLucky SpearmanMale
Edith"Joyous."Some Variants Are Edit, Edita, Editha, Edyt, And Edyth.Female
EdmondWealthy DefenderMale
EdmundWealthy DefenderMale
EleanorShining Light. Variant Of Helen.Female
ElenaShining Light. Variant Of Helen.Female
EliAscended Or My God. The Biblical High Priest Eli Judged Israel For 40 Years And Instructed The Young Samuel.Male
EliasMy God Is Jehovah. Variant Of Hebrew Elijah.Male
ElijahJehovah Is GodMale
ElizaConsecrated To GodFemale
ElizabethSister Of MarkFemale

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