Halloween Baby Names, Page 8

Baby NameMeaningGender
KatEnglish Abbreviation Of Katherine. Pure.Female
KenStrong; Physically HealthyMale
KingKing's Field. King Is One Of Several Titles Occasionally Used As Given Names.Male
KionaVariant Of Kian. Ancient.Female
KittyVariant Of Katherine. Pure.Female
KnightNoble, SoldierMale
KnoxFrom The HillsMale
KokoAdangbe Of Ghana Name Meaning "Born Second."Female
Kyran"Variant Of Kieran, Dark Or Black"Male
LamiaMyth Name (An Evil Spirit Who Abducts And Murders Children)Female
LeilaBorn At Night.Female
LillyThe Flower Lily Is A Symbol Of Innocence: Purity And Beauty.Female
LindyVariant Of Linda Lime Tree: Linden Tree: Beautiful.Female
MaeveA Mythical QueenFemale
MalachiMessenger Of GodMale
MarigoldMary's Gold - Refers To Both The Flower And The Mother Of Jesus.Female
MaryBitter. Variant Of Miriam. The Biblical Mother Of Christ. Names Like Dolores And Mercedes Have Been Created To Express Aspects Of Mary's Life And Worship.Female
MatildaMother Of MerlinFemale

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