Handsome Baby Names, Page 8

Baby NameMeaningGender
GreysonGray-Haired: Son Of The Gray Family: Son Of Gregory.Male
HadleyFrom The Heath-Covered MeadowMale
HallamLives At The Hall's SlopesMale
HarrisonSon Of HarryMale
HarryArmy ManMale
HassanHausa Of W. Africa Name Meaning "First Born Of Twins."Male
HaydenFrom The Hedged In ValleyMale
HeathUntended Land Where Flowering Shrubs Grow. Surname And Place-Name.Male
HenrikRuler Of The Home. Variant Of Henry.Male
HenryRules His Household. Oft-Used English And French Royal Name. The Second Son Of Charles Prince Of Wales Is Named Henry.Male
HoldenFrom The Hollow In The ValleyMale
HoltBy The Forest.Male
HudsonSon Of The Hooded ManMale
HussainGood. The Founder Of Shiite Islam Was Named Hussein.Male
HusseinGood. The Founder Of Shiite Islam Was Named Hussein.Male
IanGift From God Form Of John.Male
IrvingSea FriendMale
IsaacChild Of LaughterMale

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