Mixed Baby Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
SimonaListening IntentlyFemale
SonnySon. A Nickname And Given Name.Male
SophieWisdom. Variant Of SophiaFemale
SpencerKeeper Of ProvisionsMale
StacyProductive. Abbreviation Of Eustace.Male
TaitBrings JoyFemale
TaliaDew Of HeavenFemale
TaniaAbbreviation Of Tatiana Which Is Feminine Of The Roman Family Clan Name Tatius.Female
TanishaHausa Of W. Africa Name Meaning "Born On Monday."Female
TatianaVariant Of An Ancient Italian Name; Myth NameFemale
TiaPrincess Or Crowned OneFemale
TobyAbbreviation Of The Hebrew Name Tobiah Meaning Jah Is Good.Male
TrentRefers To The English River Trent. Surname.Male
TristanTumult: Outcry. From The Celtic Name Tristan. In Arthurian Legend Tristan Was A Knight Of The Round Table And Tragic Hero Of The Medieval Tale Tristram And Isolde.Male
TyrellThunder RulerMale
TyreseTalented Leader Of The Well Being.Male
TyroneFrom Owen's Territory. County Tyrone In Ireland. The Late Actor Tyrone Power.Male
TysonSon Of TyeMale
VeronicaHonest ImageFemale
WesleyFrom The West MeadowMale
Whitney"From The White Island."Female
WilliamResolute Protector: Will. For A Long Time After The Norman Conquest In A.D. 1066 Many English Boys Were Given Some Form Of William The Conquer's Name. William. The Firstborn Son Of Prince Charles Is Named William.Male

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