Musician Baby Names, Page 8

Baby NameMeaningGender
HarrisonSon Of HarryMale
HenryRules His Household. Oft-Used English And French Royal Name. The Second Son Of Charles Prince Of Wales Is Named Henry.Male
IndiaUnisexual Name Meaning "River."Female
JackReplace (Derivative Of James)Male
JacksonSon Of JackMale
JadeJewel. Courageous And Adoring.Female
JakobDanish Form Of Jacob (Supplanter)Male
JaneGift From GodFemale
JanetGift From GodFemale
JanisGift From GodFemale
JarvisSharp SpearMale
JaydenGod Has HeardFemale
JazlynModern Variant Of Jasmine: Combination Of Jocelyn And The Musical Term Jazz.Female
JeanieVariant Of John.Female
JennyDiminutive Of Jane And Jennifer.Female
JeremyExalted Of The LordMale
JimVariant Of Jacob Supplanter.Male
JimiModern Feminine Of Jimmy.Female
JoanFeminine Of John.Female

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