Native American Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
LuyuWild DoveFemale
MacawiSioux Name Meaning " Generous."Female
MahkahSioux Name Meaning " Earth."Male
MahpeeSioux Name Meaning " Sky."Male
MakyaHopi Name Meaning " Eagle Hunter." MANIPIMale
MalilaMiwok Name Meaning " Fast Salmon Swimming Up A Rippling Stream."Female
MalinalxochitlGrass FlowerFemale
MansiPlucked Flower (Hopi)Female
MatoskahWhite Bear (Sioux)Male
MecatlUnisexual Name Meaning "Rope" Or "Lineage."Male
MeliZuni Name Meaning " Bitter." MEMDIFemale
MeztliUnisexual Name Meaning "Moon."Female
MiakodaPower Of The Moon Note: This Database Is Copyright Dogwood Technical Services Inc. 1995.Female
MiginaOmaha Name Meaning " Returning Moon." MIKAFemale
MikaGift From GodMale
MisuRippling Brook (Miwok)Male
MojagNever SilentMale
MolimoBear Walking Into Shade (Miwok)Male
MomoztliUnisexual Name Meaning "Altar."Female
MomusoMiwok Name.Meaning UnknownMale

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