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Baby NameMeaningGender
KaylaVariant Of Kay. Keeper Of The Keys: Pure. Also Kayla Is A Character On Daytime TV Days Of Our Lives.Female
KayleeVariant Of Katherine. Pure. Variant Of Kay And Kayla Keeper Of The Keys: Pure.Female
KeeganSmall And FieryMale
KeiraFeminine Of The Irish Gaelic Kieran. Dusky: Dark-Haired.Female
KhloeVariant Of ChloeFemale
KieraFeminine Of The Irish Gaelic Kieran. Dusky: Dark-Haired.Female
KimberlyFrom The Royal Fortress MeadowFemale
KimiAlgonquin Name Meaning "Secret."Female
KinsleyKing's Field. King Is One Of Several Titles Occasionally Used As Given Names.Male
KumikoCompanion ChildFemale
KuwanlelentaTo Make Beautiful Surroundings (Hopi)Female
KylieBoomerang. Feminine Form Of Kyle.Female
KyraEnthroned. Variant Of Cyra: (Moon): Feminine Of Cyrus: (Sun).Female
Lacey"Derived From Lacey Which Is A French Nobleman's Surname Brought To British Isles After Norman Conquest. Feminine, Petite, And Pure. Very Beautiful."Female
LaetitiaIrish Form Of Letitia HappyFemale
LaurieThe Laurel Tree Or Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic Of Honor And Victory. Old Name With Many Variants.Female
LaylaSwahili And Muslim Name Meaning "Born At Night."Female
LeannaDerived From An Irish Gaelic Of Helen: (Light:Beautiful Woman): Variant Of Liana: (Youthful:Bond).Female
LeighMeadow. Surname Or Given Name.Female
Leilani"Heavenly Flower, Heavenly Child"Male

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