Reality TV Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
BrielleHill. Also Variant Of Brina And Breanna.Female
BrodyFrom The Muddy Place. Surname.Male
BurtonLives In The Fortified TownMale
CameronCrooked NoseMale
CamileFree-Born: Noble. Variant Of CamillaFemale
CarlA ManMale
CarmenSong. Variant Of Carmel - Fruitful Orchard As Mount Carmel In Palestine.Female
CarolynJoy Also Feminine Variant Of Charles Meaning ManlyFemale
CarrieAbbreviation Of Carol And Caroline From The Masculine Charles Meaning ManlyFemale
CaryFrom The FortressMale
CarynModern Variant Of Karen.Female
ChandlerMaker Of CandlesMale
CharlaFeminine Variant Of Charles Meaning ManlyFemale
CharlesA Man. French Variant Of Carl Adopted By The English Since Seventeenth-Century Reigns Of King Charles I And II. British Charles Prince Of Wales.Male
ChiaraDark. Feminine Of Ciaran.Female
ChrisAbbreviation Of Christopher And Christian.Male
ChristianVariant Of Christiana. Follower Of Christ.Female
ChristinaVariant Of Christiana. Follower Of Christ.Female
ChuckA Man: Variant Of Carl.Male
CindyAbbreviation Of Cynthia And Lucinda.Female

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