Spanish Baby Names, Page 7

Baby NameMeaningGender
LaviniaWoman Of RomeFemale
LindyVariant Of Linda Lime Tree: Linden Tree: Beautiful.Female
LordaReference To The Virgin MaryFemale
LorenzoForm Of Lawrence. Lorenzo De' Medici Was A Patron Of Michaelangelo And Da Vinci.Male
LucioSpanish Form Of Luke LightMale
LucitaLittle LightFemale
LuisFamous FighterMale
LuisaSpanish Form Of Louise Famous In WarFemale
LuveniaDerived From The Roman Given Name Levinia.Female
LyndaVariant Of Linda. Lime Tree: Linden Tree: Beautiful.Female
LyndeeVariant Of Linda. Lime Tree: Linden Tree: Beautiful.Female
MacerioForm Of Mace Which Is A Medieval Weapon Used By Knights.Male
MaitaneDearly LovedFemale
MariceliaVariant Of Marcella Of Mars. Mars Was Mythological Roman God Of Fertility For Whom The Month March Was Named: Mythologically Identified With The Greek War God Ares.Female
MateoGod's GiftMale
MatteoVariant Of Matthew. Gift Of God.Male
MiguelSpanish Form Of Michael God LikeMale

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