Spanish Girl Names, Page 10

Baby NameMeaningGender
DeikunReligious HolidayFemale
DeinaReligious HolidayFemale
DelfinaDolphin. Variant Of The Thirteenth-Century French Saint Delphine.Female
DeliaFrom DelosFemale
DelmaOf The SeaFemale
DelmarOf The SeaFemale
DelmaraOf The SeaFemale
DeloresVariant Of Dolores Meaning Sorrows.Female
DelphiaDolphin. Variant Of The Thirteenth-Century French Saint Delphine.Female
DenisaFeminine Of Denis From The Greek Name Dionysus.Female
DestinaCertain Fortune: Fate.Female
DiaMyth Name (Daughter Of Eineus)Female
DiegaFeminine Form Of Diego SupplanterFemale
DinaFrom The ValleyFemale
DinoraJudged And Vindicated. In The Bible Dinah Was Jacob's Only Daughter.Female
DionisFrom Dionysus God Of WineFemale
DionisaFrom Dionysus God Of WineFemale
DitaRich GiftFemale
DoloresSorrows. A Reference To The Virgin Mary As Mary Of The Sorrows.Female

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