Sweet Baby Names, Page 9

Baby NameMeaningGender
LucyLight: Illumination.Female
LuzBrings LightFemale
LylaFeminine Of Lyle From The Island. Variant Of Delilah.Female
LynnDwells By The TorrentMale
MacyDerived From Medieval Male Form Of Matthew.Female
MaddieWoman From Magdala. Variant Of Madeleine. Madeleine: (English/French) Woman From Magdala.Female
MaggieAbbreviation Of Margaret. A Pearl.Female
MarieVariant Of Latin Mary BitterFemale
MarinOf The Sea.Female
MarkTristan's UncleMale
MarlyFrom The March MeadowMale
MaryBitter. Variant Of Miriam. The Biblical Mother Of Christ. Names Like Dolores And Mercedes Have Been Created To Express Aspects Of Mary's Life And Worship.Female
MattGift Of God.Male
MayOld Arabic Name; Meaning UnknownFemale
MayaAbbreviation Of Amalia: Variant Of Maia.Female
Megan"Strong And Capable." Variant, Meghan, Exists.Female
MelindaBlend Of Melissa And Linda.Female
MelissaMeaning UnknownFemale

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