18 Unique Celtic Baby Names That Are Gorgeous But Overlooked

Many parents like Celtic names, but it's not easy to find some that aren't so popular. Here comes some unique Celtic baby names for your little boys and girls, and these names are delightful, romantic, and adventurous. These gorgeous and lyrical Celtic names come from Cornwall, Brittany, and the Isle of Man, and they make good names for your little babies.

Briac: An old Breton Saint's name, Briac is a linguistic relative of familiar Celtic names like Brian and Bridget.

Cador: Cornish mythological name that means "battle man." Cador is said to be one of the ancient rulers of Cornwall who, according to Arthurian legend, was the guardian of Guinevere.
Calybrid: From Old Irish cailleac Brid "devotee of Saint Brigid."
Delen: The Cornish word for "leaf" or "petal." This is a unique alternative to Helen or Ellen.
Elowen: A lovely nature name from Cornwell that means "elm tree."
Emblyn: This medieval form of Emmeline, which means "hard working."
Endellion: Cornish place and saint's name, originally a feminine name.
Enora: Breton name that means "honor." It sounds like a pretty combination of Eleanor and Nora.
Finlo: A name from the Isle of Man, deriving from that island's pagan Sun God, Lugh. The meanig of the name Finlo is "white, fair."
Jory: The Cornish form of George, which means "earth worker."
Katell: Breton variation of Katherine, which means "pure."
Kerensa: Feminine and pretty Cornish girl name that means "love."
Locryn: The Cornish form of Locrinus, a legendary king of Britain.
Lowen: Unisex Cornish name that means "happy."
Mael: Breton name that means "chief" or "prince." Mael is the name of a fifth century Breton saint.
Talek: The Bardic name that means "big-browed."
Veryan: The name of a village in Cornwall, and it took its name from its patron sait Symphorian. Although the saint was male, the name is somewhat more common for girls today.
Zennor: Cornish name of saint and village, it can be used for girls as well.

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