Tree Baby Names, Page 9

Baby NameMeaningGender
IlexVariant Of Alex.Female
FitzjamesSon Of JamesMale
IvaFrom The Yew TreeFemale
IvalynA Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant.Female
IvesArcher's Bow. Variant Of Yves From Ivar.Male
IvetteVariant Of Yvette.Female
IveyA Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant. IvyFemale
IvieA Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant.Female
IvoArcher's Bow.Male
IvonArcher's Bow.Male
IvonneVariant Of Yvonne.Female
IvyanneA Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant.Female
IwdaelFrom The Yew Tree ValleyMale
JacalynFeminine Of Jacques Derived From James And Jacob.Female
JackReplace (Derivative Of James)Male
JackiAbbreviation Of Jacqueline Which Is The Feminine Of Jacques.Female
JackieGod Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor. Based On John Or Jacques. Used More For Girls Than Boys.Male
JackyGod Has Been Gracious: Has Shown Favor. Based On John Or Jacques.Male

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