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Baby NameMeaningGender
AethelstanName Of A KingMale
AethelthrythWife Of King EcgfrithFemale
Agatha"Good." Variants Include Ag, Agace, Agacia, Agafia, Agafon, Agapet, Agapit, Agata, Agate, Agathe, Agathi, Agatta, Aggi, Aggie, Aggy, Aggye, Agi, Agie, Agota, Agotha, Agueda, Agy, Agye.Female
AineFire Or JoyFemale
AineislisGlorious StandMale
AishaThese Swahili And Arabic Female Names Mean "Woman, Life, Alive" And Refer To The Muslim Prophet Muhammed's Favored Wife. See Aisha Under The Arabic Category For More Variants.Female
AkiraAnchor AILAFemale
AlaricNoble LeaderMale
AlariceRules All. Feminine Of Alaric.Female
AlastairDefender Of ManMale
AlbertaNoble: Bright. Feminine Of Albert.Female
AlbionWhite Cliffs. Ancient Poetic Name For Britain.Male
AldaOld German Feminine Form Of Aldo And Otto, "Old; Prosperous." Variants Include Aldabella, Aldea, Aldina, Aldine, Aldona, Aleda, Alida, Alyda.Female
Aldis"Battle-Seasoned." Variants Include Aldith, Aldys, Ailith.Female
AldrichOld Or Wise RulerMale
AlessandraItalian Feminine Form Of Alexander (Protector Of Mankind)Female
Alethea"Honesty; Truth." Variants Include Alathia, Alecta, Aleethia, Aleta, Aletea, Aletha, Aletheia, Alethia, Aletta, Alette, Alithea, Alithia, Althaia.Female
AlfredaFeminine Form Of Alfredo Counsels The ElvesFemale
AlgarNoble SpearmanMale

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