Water Baby Names, Page 6

Baby NameMeaningGender
BericGrain Farm.Male
BeverleeBeaver Stream.Female
BeverleyWoman From The Beaver Meadow. Beaver Stream.Female
BeverlyWoman From The Beaver Meadow. Beaver Stream.Female
BickfordFrom The Hewer's FordMale
BiecafordFrom The Hewer's FordMale
BifordLives At The River CrossingMale
BirneyLives On The Brook IslandMale
BironSurname Used As A Given Name. Biron Was The Name Of A Character In Shakespeare's Loves Labours Lost.Male
BlakeDark: Dark-Haired. Can Also Mean The Reverse -Fair: Pale. BlakemanMale
BlakeleyFrom The Dark MeadowMale
BlaneVariant Of Blaine.Male
BournFrom The BrookMale
BourneFrom The BrookMale
BoyntonFrom Tbe White RiverMale
BradbourneFrom The Broad BrookMale
BradburnFrom The Broad BrookMale
BradfordFrom The Broad FordMale
BradwellFrom The Broad SpringMale
BraemwiellaFrom The Bramble Bush SpringMale
BramwellFrom The Bramble Bush SpringMale
BrennaVariant Of Brenda Meaning Beacon On The Hill Or Little RavenFemale

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