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Baby NameMeaningGender
EllenaVariant Of Helen. Means Light Or Most Beautiful WomanFemale
ElvisElf-Wise Friend. Variant Of Alvin. Made Famous By Singer And Actor Elvis Presley.Male
EmeraldThe Prized Green Emerald Gemstone.Female
Emily"Industrious, Eager"Female
EnaPassionate Or FieryFemale
EngelberthaBright AngelFemale
EngelbertinaBright AngelFemale
EngelbertineBright Angel Note: This Database Is Copyright Dogwood Technical Services Inc. 1995.Female
EnglbehrtBright AngelMale
EnglebertBright AngelMale
EnglebertaBright AngelFemale
FakihLegal Expert; One Who Recites The Qu'ranMale
FatinCaptivating; EnchantingFemale
FifiNickname For JosephineFemale
FinnFair. Mythology: Finn Mac Cumhail Was Legendary Irish 3Rd Century Hero Similar To The English Robin Hood. His Warrior-Followers Were Named Finians.Male
FionaWhite Or ComelyFemale
FordRiver CrossingMale
FranklinFree Man: Landholder.Male
GailLively; HappyMale
GaleIrish Name Meaning "Foreigner."Also Old English Name Meaning "Cheerful Or Happy."Male

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