African Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
ChikuA Swahili Female Name Meaning "Chatterer."Female
DawitEthiopian Name Referring To The Biblical David, Meaning "Beloved."Male
EsiEwe And Fante Of Ghana Name Meaning "Born On Sunday."Female
EssienOchi And Ga Of Ghana Name Meaning "Sixth Born." Also, Ibibio And Efik Of Nigeria Name Meaning "Belongs To Everyone."Male
FantaGuinea And Cote D'ivoire Name Meaning "Beautiful Day."Female
FenukuBorn LateMale
FolaYoruba Of Nigeria Name Meaning "Honor."Female
FynnEuropeanized Version Of Ghanaian Name Offin, After The Offin River.Male
HadiyaSwahili Name Meaning "Gift."Female
HajiSwahili Name Meaning "Born During The Hajj."Male
HakimAmharic Of Tigrinya Of Ethiopia Name Meaning "Doctor, Medicine Man." Most Commonly Used By Muslim Ethiopians.Male
HanifSwahili And Muslim Name Meaning "Believer."Male
HasanaHausa Of W. Africa Name Meaning "First Born Of Twins."Female
HawaSwahili Name Meaning "Longing."Female
HudaRight GuidanceFemale
IdiSwahili And Muslim Name Meaning "Born During The Muslim Holiday Of Idd."Male
IdogbeBrother Of TwinsMale
IfeomaIbo Of Nigeria Name Meaning "It's A Good Thing" And "Beautiful."Female
ImaraFemale Version Of ImreFemale
IsisMyth Name (Goddess Of Magic)Female
IssaSwahili Name Meaning "God Is Our Salvation."Female

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