African Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
MongoYoruba Of Nigeria Name Meaning "Famous."Male
MoyoZezuru Of Zimbabwe Name Meaning "Heart."Male
MwakaBuganda Of Uganda Name Meaning "Born On New Year's Eve."Male
NadiraKiswahili Name Meaning "Unusual."Female
NaliakaLuya Of W. Kenya Name Meaning "Wedding."Female
NangilaLuya Of Kenya Name Meaning "Born While The Parents Were Traveling."Female
NassorSwahili Variation Of Arab Name Nasser, Meaning "Victorious."Male
NathifaClean; PureFemale
NeemaSwahili Name Meaning "Born At A Prosperous Time."Female
NefertitiName Of A QueenFemale
NephthysMyth NameMale
NiaDerived From Abbreviation Of Names With -Nia Ending.Female
NkechiNigerian Name Meaning "Loyal."Female
NkrumahBorn NinthMale
NoniKikuyu Of Kenya Name. Meaning Unknown.Female
NuruSwahili Unisexual Name Meaning "Light" Or "Born During The Day."Female
OdeFrom The RoadFemale
OlabisiBrings JoyFemale
OniWest African Name Meaning "Desired." Also A Yoruba Of Nigeria Name Meaning "Born In A Sacred Location."Female
PendaSwahili Name Meaning "Beloved."Male
PiliSwahili Name Meaning "Second Born."Male

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