French Baby Names, Page 5

Baby NameMeaningGender
EmmalineHardworking. Variant Of Emily.Female
EmmelineIndustrious Hardworking. Variant Of Emily.Female
EnzoRules His Household. Variant Of Henry.Male
EvetteLiving One. Variant Of Eve. In The Bible Eve Was Adam's Wife And The First Woman.Female
FabienneBean GrowerFemale
FawnaYoung Deer. The Greek Mythological Deity Of Fertility And Nature Was Fauna. She Was Famous For Her Chastity.Female
FayetteLittle FairyFemale
FifiNickname For JosephineFemale
FleuretteLittle FlowerFemale
FontaineFountain: Water Source.Male
ForestKeeps The Forest Woodland.Male
FrancineVariant Of Frances Meaning From France Or Free One.Female
FrancoisFree: A Free Man.Male
FraserStrawberry Flowers: Of The Forest Men. A Major Scottish Clan.Male
GabrielGod Is My StrengthMale
GabrieleGod's Able-Bodied One. Feminine Of Gabriel.Female
GabrielleGod Gives StrengthFemale
GabyVariant Of Gabriela. God's Able-Bodied One.Female

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