French Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
ChanteSinger:To SingFemale
ChappelFrom The ChapelMale
CharlaFeminine Variant Of Charles Meaning ManlyFemale
CharlesA Man. French Variant Of Carl Adopted By The English Since Seventeenth-Century Reigns Of King Charles I And II. British Charles Prince Of Wales.Male
CharlotteTiny And Feminine. Also Feminine Of Charles Meaning ManlyFemale
CherVariant Of Cherie Dear One:DarlingFemale
ChereVariant Of Cherie Dear One:DarlingFemale
CheriVariant Of Cherie Dear One:DarlingFemale
CherylFeminine Form Of CharlesFemale
ChevalierHorseman: Knight.Male
ChristineFollower Of Christ.Female
CidneyVariant Of Sydney.Female
CinderellaOf The AshesFemale
ClaireClear. BrightFemale
ClaudetteFeminine Of Claude.Female
ClemenceClemency: Mercy. Clemence Was The Mythological Roman Goddess Of Pity.Female
ColettePeople's VictoryFemale
CydneeVariant Of Sydney.Female
DarelleSee Darlene.Female
DarielVariant Of Darrel Open.Male

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