Fruit Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
OliverLegend NameMale
PomeroyLives Near The Apple OrchardMale
PommelraieLives Near The Apple OrchardMale
RosemaryA Flower.Female
RowanFrom The Rowan TreeMale
SabraTo RestFemale
SabrinaLegendary PrincessFemale
SageWise One.Male
SakuraCherry BlossomsFemale
SaturninGift Of SaturnMale
SpencerKeeper Of ProvisionsMale
TamarFrom TamarMale
TamaraPalm TreeFemale
TamarahPalm TreeFemale
TamraPalm Tree. Variant Of Tamar. Biblical Tamara Was Daughter Of King David And Sister To Absalom.Female
TangerinaFrom TangiersFemale
TangerineFrom TangiersFemale
Whitney"From The White Island."Female
WinstonFrom Wine's FarmMale
ZabrinaForms Of Sabrina: A PrincessFemale

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