Hebrew Baby Names, Page 4

Baby NameMeaningGender
DeannaFrom The Valley Variant Of Diana Meaning Divine.Female
DeborahBee. Deborah Was The Biblical Prophetess Who Summoned Barak To Battle Against An Army Of Invaders. After The Battle She Wrote A Victory Song Which Is Part Of The Book Of Judges.Female
DekelDusty One: Servant.Male
DevoraBee. Variant Of Deborah.Female
DinahAvenged Or Judged And Vindicated. In The Bible Dinah Was Jacob's Only Daughter.Female
DoranVariant Of Dorran Stranger.Male
DoritVariant Of The Greek Dorothy Meaning Gift Of God.Female
EbenezerRock Of HelpMale
ElamIn The Bible One Of Five Sons Of Noah's Son Shem.Male
ElazarGod Has HelpedMale
EleazarGod Has HelpedMale
EleoraGod Is LightFemale
EliAscended Or My God. The Biblical High Priest Eli Judged Israel For 40 Years And Instructed The Young Samuel.Male
ElianeDaughter Of The Sun.Female
EliasMy God Is Jehovah. Variant Of Hebrew Elijah.Male
ElihuMy God Is He. A Young Man In The Biblical Book Of Job Who Gives Fiery Defense Of God's Righteousness.Male
ElijahJehovah Is GodMale
ElioraGod Is LightFemale
EliotBelieves In GodMale
ElisabethConsecrated To GodFemale

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