Musician Baby Names, Page 2

Baby NameMeaningGender
ArethaVirtuous: Excellent.Female
AriaGentle MusicFemale
ArionMyth Name (Horse Of Adrastus)Male
ArloThe BarberryMale
ArmstrongStrong ArmedMale
ArnoldThe Eagle Rules.Male
ArtAbbreviation Of Arthur - Noble: Courageous.Male
AshfordLives By The Ash-Tree FordMale
AstridDivine StrengthFemale
AthenaGoddess Of Wisdom And Warfare.Female
AubreyBlond RulerMale
AudraNobility: Strength.Female
AvrilBorn In AprilFemale
BarryA Guinean Surname Meaning The Family Comes From The Peul, Fulani, Or Foulbe Ethnic Groups Of West Africa.Male
BenSon Of Zion Or Usually Just SonMale
BenjaminSon Of The Right Hand. In The Bible The Patriarch Jacob's Twelfth And Most Beloved Son.Male
BessieDiminutive Of Elizabeth.Female
BethanyA Village Near Jerusalem Where Jesus Visited Mary: Martha And Lazarus.Female
BillieNickname For William Resolute Protector - Often Used As An Independent Name.Male

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