Scottish Baby Names, Page 3

Baby NameMeaningGender
CamOrange Fruit; Sweet; Mountain SunsetFemale
CamarinShelterer; ProtectorFemale
CambriaMyth NameFemale
CamdenFrom The Winding ValleyMale
CameronCrooked NoseMale
CamrenCrooked Nose.Male
CamronVariant Of Cameron Bent Nose.Male
CareyThe Dark OneFemale
CariFlows Like WaterFemale
CarmichaelFriend Of Saint MichaelMale
CarringtonPlace Name And Surname.Male
CaryFrom The FortressMale
CaylanVictorious People.Female
CedricaModern Feminine Of Cedric.Female
CharlesA Man. French Variant Of Carl Adopted By The English Since Seventeenth-Century Reigns Of King Charles I And II. British Charles Prince Of Wales.Male
CharlieA Man: Variant Of Carl.Male
ChristopherOne Who Holds Christ In His Heart.Male
ClydeRefers To The Scottish Clyde River.Male
ColbyFrom The Black FarmMale
ConnorStrong Willed Or Wise Hound-Lover.Male

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